Australian Nature

Australian Nature

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Australia, the nature of which has long remained inaccessible to man, is a multifaceted and unusual country. Despite the predominance of desert areas, within its borders one can meet mountains with snow-capped peaks, eucalyptus thickets, evergreen forests, which were formed under the influence of a complex of environmental factors.

Speaking about the nature of Australia, it is impossible not to mention the rare species of flora and fauna. Only in Australia grow unusual shrubs – pink-flowered eucalyptus and giant biblis, the tree Araucaria Bidville.

Among the animals that glorified the Australian lands, we should mention the representatives of the order of the marsupial – the marsupial anteater, the Tasmanian devil, possums, the wombat, the spotted marsupial marten, the mountain kangaroo, the primitive egg-laying mammals – echidnu and the platypus, the Deer fish, and the Deer creatures;

Best of all to feel the nature of Australia will help its miraculous sights:

Great Barrier Reef.

This natural formation, stretching 2.5 thousand km in the Pacific Ocean, bends around the northeast coast of Australia. It is considered the only natural object that is visible from space.

The Great Barrier Reef is a collection of millions of small organisms – coral polyps – that appeared here 8 thousand years ago. Many believe that the motley coral polyps are plants. But in reality these are primitive animals that lead an attached lifestyle.

National Park “Kakadu”.

 Kakadu is the largest national park in Australia. Its area is 110 thousand hectares, occupying almost the entire north of the mainland.

This name he received thanks to the Kakadu tribe, who previously lived on these lands. Tourists are reminded of this by numerous rock paintings left by Aboriginal people 18 thousand years ago.

The wealth of the park is in its landscapes, natural conditions and specific wildlife. On its territory you can see powerful rocky hills, flat savanna, wetlands with crocodiles and gentle forests with vines, rare birds and snakes.

Barron Falls.

The water jewel in eastern Australia is Barron Falls, located in the vicinity of a national park. He began to attract tourists much earlier than the rest of the attractions of Australia – from 1890.

Tourists can reach it by 2 ways – from the village of Kuranda on a pedestrian route or on a tourist train from Cairns, which follows directly to the waterfall. The majority chooses the 2nd option, since from a special observation deck for visitors it is possible not only to look close at it, but also to take a picture.

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