What can you visit in Australia?

What can you visit in Australia?

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Sydney Opera House and Skyline, Sydney, Australia

Australia, whose sights continue to discover tourists, appeared on the world map only at the beginning of the XVII century. Today it annually receives millions of visitors and surprises with the unity of natural landscapes and urban landscapes. Enumerate the beauty of this continent can be to infinity. However, there are several places that each guest must see. What to visit in Australia to feel its flavor? Read the article.

Australian National Maritime Museum.

The city, whose history is connected with the fleet, could not miss the nautical theme in its sights. Therefore, it was in Sydney that the Museum of Maritime History was founded.

The diversity of its exhibits can be understood as the development of the Australian navy. In addition to the museum building, visitors have the opportunity to look inside several ships and one submarine. Also among its attractions you can see a full-scale copy of the launch, on which James Cook sailed to conquer Australia.

The Maritime Museum opens its doors not only for lovers of antiquity, but also for everyone who wants to rest from the city noise. The bar and restaurant, built in its walls, are popular places for meetings of young people and wedding celebrations.

Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Tourists who know a lot about art should definitely take a look at the Sydney Art Gallery, which is considered the fourth largest in Australia. The first thing that catches your eye as you approach it is the majestic columns, wide steps leading to a huge building decorated in the classical style. On the sides of the main entrance you can see 4 bronze statues symbolizing the worship of 4 ancient civilizations before the culture.

The Sydney Gallery boasts several exhibition halls, which contain works by prominent Australian, European and Asian artists.

Cathedral of the Virgin Mary.

This is one of the Catholic cathedrals recognized as the national shrine of Australia. It was built at the beginning of the XIX century, immediately after the country proclaimed freedom of religion.

Its architectural composition resembles most of the English churches of the Gothic Renaissance. In the cross-shaped building with a bell tower there are 2 towers, 3 exits and about 40 different stained glass windows, which depict biblical scenes.

The cathedral is never empty. On Sunday service and on the days of large Catholic holidays hundreds of Sydney come here to listen to the magical sound of the organ and pray.

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